Echar Pa’lante

Multisectoral Alliance

Since 2012, the Echar Pa'lante Multisectoral Alliance has gathered hundreds of organizations and thousands of volunteer Allies, as well as national and international experts, to collaborate in the design and implementation of systems to foster entrepreneurship in schools, universities, and communities.

About Us


To integrate multi-sector efforts in order to accelerate the development of a global culture of entrepreneurship, innovation, resilience, and sustainability to help restore our island's growth, wellbeing, and prosperity.


Puerto Rico has a multi-sector community for learning and collaboration that is digitally connected to guide the development of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Certificate in entrepreneurship and innovation held by a critical mass of educators K-16 and professionals supporting local entrepreneurs.

Schools, universities, and municipalities become enterprising and resilient communities that drive a sustainable socio-economic development.

Focus Areas

Education as the main pillar for change and development in the entrepreneurial sector as an emerging paradigm and driver of socioeconomic recovery and development.


Puerto Rico has a great educational challenge: to bring the curriculum and educational methodologies up to date with the times, while ensuring academic and socio-economic recovery The investment we make in developing an entrepreneurial mindset from early age to retirement, human capital resources, training, infrastructure, and support for programs that stimulate entrepreneurship in our schools, colleges and postsecondary communities will represent the most significant capital investment in the world, this 21st century. The suggested path starts from the premise that, if we teach our children, youth and the entire workforce entrepreneurship and innovation skills, to undertake, we are empowering them to depend on themselves, driven by their self-reflection, self-direction and self-reliance.

Our proposal is based on social projects, the idea of which is to promote a new paradigm for of the educational system, which combines the development of 21st century skills, those required for the future work and the retention of students in schools and post-secondary institutions. We do this through the implementation of systems that stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation, that develop globally competitive citizens worldwide through curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. We focus on economics, finance, entrepreneurship and creative problem-solving (EFEC).


Unemployment and underemployment are among the most critical aspects of the economic situation Puerto Rico is going through. The World Economic Forum anticipates that by 2023, 52% of the tasks that humans perform today will be handled by artificial intelligence. They also estimate that by 2025, 50% of the world's workforce will depend on entrepreneurship.

The Island is experiencing global competition for investment and many companies are relocating their operations to other countries, where the cost of production is lower. Promoting entrepreneurship, and that our people can continually retrain, through lifelong learning, can be an alternative to generate jobs and generate local capital. We focus on integrating efforts to foster entrepreneurship and develop a robust business ecosystem, with a common mission and agenda that maximizes existing resources and initiatives and accelerates the growth of this sector.

Echar Pa’lante is promoting the development of future skills for the future from an early age, to the elderly, including professionals who are reinventing themselves, people with functional disabilities and the rich diversity of our population.


Forums and educational material on leading practices in entrepeneurship e innovation around the world

Echar Pa' Lante

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